Consentric Circles are about connection, validation and innovation. Our conversation series bring together survivors, allies, and supportive community members for a round table voluntary discussion around sexual violence and intimate harm. We explore the simple, often overlooked questions about our experiences surviving trauma, while defining what support and justice look like for each unique survivor. We believe that because the survivor is at the center of the harm, they should be centered at its resolution. We recognize that all people are capable of harm and of healing, and that we are all responsible to create a culture of support for survivors and accountability for those who have harmed.  

Healing ourselves and our communities from intimate violence requires authentic and vulnerable conversation and understanding. When our community bears witness to our pain, we experience healing validation, and our community experiences transformative understanding. When we address where the system failed us, we can collectively reimagine and build new systems that do better by survivors and their communities.

Healing happens in the presence of others.

Join the conversation.

Be part of the solution.

Healing Courage co-hosts community based conversations with Partner Organizations throughout the US. Interested in co-hosting a conversation in your community?

Reach out to



We are so excited to co-host our first collaboration with our partners at Dove House Advocacy Services, an anti-violence agency serving Jefferson County, Washington. 

This long form series will be a deep dive into what our bodies remember, how our communities respond, and what systems of support could look like if we had the chance to define them. Survivors will be joined by their allies in a community based, survivor centered discussion.




To better accommodate the needs of survivors as we collectively navigate this global pandemic, we are currently offering Consentric Circle conversations on web and phone platforms.

We also work to troubleshoot the needs and barriers of our participants, from childcare to internet access, let us know if there is anything that would keep you from the conversation, and we'll solve it together.   


[W.O.M.A.N. INC]

We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with the W.O.M.A.N, Inc. community, a support agency for survivors of domestic violence in San Francisco, California. We'll be co-hosting a 3 part conversation series, tailored to the internal W.O.M.A.N., Inc. advocate community.


We are honored to offer a space in which these amazing advocates can process their traumas and triggers together, calibrate their care and learn from one another's wisdom on survival and systemic innovation. 

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