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it's time for transformation of values, practices and understandings.

Join us, and help

change the conversation.

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We are a growing coalition of survivors committed to addressing the toxic mythology around intimate violation, gender violence and sexual harm, by centering the wisdom of survivors in redefining our collective approaches to healing and justice. 
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We envision a world that acknowledges, validates and repairs the impacts of intimate violence through innovative, humanistic approaches that reduce harm, rehabilitate and heal. 
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We recognize that socialization into the mythology of patriarchal violence is one of the greatest barriers to survivor defined healing and justice. So we work to flip the script, holding space for healing connection and radical reimagining, direct from the survivors who have hard earned their wisdom.

this year we seek funding to expand and continue our efforts for the coming 5 years

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We carry out groundbreaking, survivor-centered research, that actively targets and includes traditionally underrepresented populations and asks critical, often overlooked questions. Our research findings are submitted to peer-reviewed journals and presented at professional conferences across the country. Our findings contribute to the pool of evidence and precedent on which we can base a new landscape of community-based services of healing and justice that is inclusive and responsive to the needs and agendas of all survivors.


Our media dimension both amplifies and informs, leading the conversation away from harmful mythology, while arming the public with a deeper understanding of intimate harm and the reality of its impacts.  Our creative team not only captures our conversations, conducts survivor interviews and assists the research team in data visualization, but produces dynamic short form educational content around trauma science, myth demystification, research amplification and how-we-got-here histories. These graphic and video campaigns, developed in collaboration with survivors, educators, researchers and media professionals, will explore, explain, dismantle and debunk the science and social paradigms behind trauma and our culture of response.


We facilitate community conversations with survivors, collaboratively making meaning of our traumatic experiences. Hosted in partnership with local anti-violence community organizations, these meta-cognitive sessions co-explore the impacts of our trauma, identify patterns between our survival experiences, dismantle the myths & misunderstandings we’ve encountered, and reimagine the course of our healing with creative systemic interventions. Survivors invite allies, family, partners, first responders, advocates, community stakeholders, and even people who have committed harm to engage in vulnerable constructive discourse. Scaffolded with learning resources, these deep group learning opportunities embolden trauma vocabulary, practice radical vulnerability, increase community accountability, and foster survivor imagination and systemic change. 

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