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on values

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acknowledging the relational roots 

We honor and recognize the Indigenous roots of relational approaches, as well as the continued Indigenous Peoples peacemaking efforts and resistance. We acknowledge the ‘First Harm’ of the land we reside on and the forced removal of Indigenous people from their lands as a result of colonization. We draw from restorative and transformative justice principles and practices. This means every voice is acknowledged and respected. 

built on input + consent

We walk into circle conversations with questions, not answers. We have built a responsive organization designed by survivors, and calibrated by their input, feedback, and needs. 

intersectional & calibration 

Our first priority is to ensure that our work is representative of the intersectional experiences of the communities that we partner with. We employ practices that prioritize elevating those with lived experience at those intersections. We partner with local anti-violence organizations and agencies to design customized programs with their staff and those they serve. Circles are co-facilitated by HC and the host organization, in the community’s preferred language. 

access + POWER

We aim to provide access to child care, transportation, technology, or other resources to ensure that our conversations are inclusive and accessible for everyone who wishes to participate. We aim to balance the power dynamics that exist both outside the conversation and within the conversation. 

on practices

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embrace vulnerability as a strength

Practice courage around uncertainty, risk, or emotional exposure. Vulnerability involves identifying our emotions and cultivates intimate, human connection through the sharing of truths

honor authenticity in self + others

Practice being genuine. Show up with your whole self, physically, culturally, emotionally & mentally

engage in acknowledgement + validation

Practice acceptance of experiential truth and appreciation for the complex lived experiences of trauma. Affirm that a person’s experiences are valid and of value to yourself and your community. Listen actively and share the space. 

own our accountability

Practice reducing harm. We all have the capacity to harm and be harmed. Willingly take initiative, accept responsibility and own our actions and their impact on others. If you have created harm, address it, if you see harm being done, address it. No harm happens in a vacuum.

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