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Crisis intervention accomplishes the work of only the first stage of recovery. The tasks of the later stages require a more prolonged course of time. Though the survivor may make a rapid and dramatic return to the appearance of normal functioning, this symptomatic stabilization should not be mistaken for full recovery, for the integration of the trauma has not been accomplished.


- Judith Herman, M. D., Trauma and Recovery

long term solutions for long term repercussions




In order to facilitate healing, we need solutions that recognize and understand the dynamic nature of intimate trauma, and repair the violations that occur in each sphere of our lives.  From deep, internal personal work to our community’s acknowledgement and validation of the harm done to us, we need wholistic thinking about this winding road of recovery. 

We aim to address these needs,

to approach the problem from every angle,

and to fill in the holes that the current system leaves behind.

Because survivors deserve more. 

They deserve to heal.

They deserve to thrive.

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